Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Flickr Blogging: img_3588

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Random Flickr-blogging explained.
In between unloading the dishwasher and vacuuming the bedrooms, she likes to whip out the old Explorerâ„¢ and rip through a couple of verses of Seven Nation Army.

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"Harry, did you stop dumping your nuclear waste in the fish pond like I told you to?"

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So much of cooking and serving great food is in the presentation.

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Some people will do anything to get on Random Flickr-Blogging.

Hope it was worth it.

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Faced with a threat from within to their democratic way of life, Americans reached out once again to The Power Rangers for help, in hopes that -- for the first time in a decade -- free and fair elections could be held again.

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Teenagers are naturally curious about gravity, and are often tempted to experiment on their own or turn to unreliable sources rather than parents or teachers for information.

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Her Simpsons avatar can beat up your Simpsons avatar.