Monday, June 25, 2007

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Random Flickr-blogging explained.
Although the choreography and staging are very good, the concept is poorly conceived and executed; ultimately, the new musical Frank Sinatra In Hell falls short as either art or entertainment.

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The 2006 Hokey-Pokey finalists are shown here as they put their left feet in, they put their left feet out, they put their left feet in; it was then -- as they began to shake it all about -- that tragedy struck.

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China fires the first shot in the inevitable trade war, with a diabolical plan to put Dairy Queen out of business.

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"From the flight deck, this is the captain. I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that we're unable to reach Air Traffic Control to get clearance to land, we have one engine on fire, and we're almost out of fuel. The good news is that we're making excellent time..."

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It's a long way to the top, if you want to rock 'n' roll.

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If you think that looks appetizing, you should have seen it before I ate it.

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"Take me to your leader."

"Wait a minute; you mean to tell me he's your leader? Well, who's second-in-command?"

"You must be kidding...Oh, never mind, just take me to some place I can get egg rolls and ice cream, or I'll blow this pitiful planet to smithereens and put you all out of your misery."

Monday, June 18, 2007

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"Mr. Cheney, by order of the Department of Justice, I'm placing you under arrest. Now, please empty your pockets and place the contents on the table..."

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I think it would have worked out between us, if not for the foot hair issue.

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"Please listen closely and try to understand what I'm saying to you, OK? Your ... hat ... brim ... is ... embedded ... in ... my ... forehead!"

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Although federal regulations prohibit any commercial grower from adding hormones or steroids to chicken products, industry sources say enforcement has been lax under the current administration.

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"Ladies, we appreciate your willingness to testify before the Judiciary Committee; however, please let Mr. Rove know that after we examine you thoroughly -- er, that is to say, when we are finished questioning you, which should only take a week or so -- we will insist that Mr. Rove himself appear to testify."

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"You know, Bud, in some ways, dolphins are smarter than humans."

"Yes, Sandy, I know that...but what's Flipper trying to say now?"

"What is it, Flipper? ... he's saying 'Impeach ... the ... motherf--' ... FLIPPER!!!"

Monday, June 11, 2007

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Anecdotal evidence is mounting that -- judging by some of the side effects -- Coca Cola went a little outside the envelope with their latest formula.

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"All right, wise guys; I'm going to close my eyes and count to ten, and when I open them, those heads better be right back where they belong, or no recess for any of you."

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Since wind power is such a new, unproven technology, I can't see it ever being deployed successfully and making a significant contribution.

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The answer to this week's movie trivia question is: City Lights, The King And I, and The Old Man and The Sea

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Technology is being tested that will finally allow there to be a Starbucks established on every 1,500 square feet of the earth's surface.

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[The following does not necessarily represent the views of management.]

New York's alright if you wanna be pushed in front of the subway!
New York's alright if you like tuberculosis!
New York's alright if you like art and jazz!
New York's alright if you're a homosexual!

New York's alright...

...if you like saxophones!

New York's alright if you like drunks in your doorway!
New York's alright if you wanna freeze to death!
New York's alright if you wanna get mugged or murdered!

New York's alright...

...if you like saxophones!

Fear -- New York's Alright (If You Like Saxophones) (1982)

Monday, June 04, 2007

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Did you ever have one of those "I could be sitting at home in an armchair dozing off to Tucker Carlson" moments?

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Ancient artifacts from the Peter Max dynasty.

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Woodrow "Woody" Woodman starts off Happy Hour with his usual creasote-and-polyurethane cocktail.

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A hard clothesline to the back -- she didn't give him any more trouble after that.

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[Insert joke about U.S. immigration policy here]

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Gulp...Could you repeat the question, please?

-- or --

No, I don't have any connections at the World Bank; why do you ask?