Monday, April 28, 2008

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Random Flickr-blogging explained.
We're winning in Iraq. The economy is fine. Voluntary restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions will solve the global climate change problem. John McCain is an independent, straight-shooting campaign-finance reformer. You can have the bridge pictured here for your very own for $29.95, but only if you call in the next ten minutes...


Monday, April 21, 2008

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Random Flickr-blogging explained.
Half a bottle of tequila and three choruses of "Don't the Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time" later, he had an epiphany...

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NEW YORK (AFP) — Construction workers used jackhammers to dig up a Boston Red Sox jersey that a prankster fan had tried to hide in the concrete foundation of the new New York Yankees Stadium site.

It took the workers about five hours Sunday to locate the No. 34 Red Sox jersey which came to light after an anonymous tipster called the New York Yankees head office.

Now, if they could only remember where they left Don Zimmer...

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With no opposition from Senate Democrats, President Bush's new gender-equity czar received a swift confirmation.

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Poor Chet. One minute, he's having a civil conversation with his wife about Bosnia, Hillary, and "". Next thing he knows, he's camping in the back yard.