Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Flickr-Blogging: img_2550

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Special Show Us Your Blogspace Edition

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Random Flickr-blogging explained.
I know; I'm a day late for Show Us Your Blogspace Day, but I wanted to share some of the diverse places I've blogged as I try my best to keep RF-B appearing on its regular schedule...

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I'm not sure where this was taken, but it's clearly my blogspace.

(They must have been out of Old Thumper that day.)

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Oh...this is a little embarrassing, but you never know where you'll get the idea for a great post.

Of course, I haven't been there since Ron Silver took it over as his primary blogspace.

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Oops! Sorry...this isn't my blogspace, it's Michelle Malkin's.

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Of course, my favorite spot is right here in my home office. The portrait of Ho Chi Minh on the far wall was a gift from Tom.

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And finally, this picture of my blogspace was taken right after I found out that Bush -- who is still talking about World War III -- knew about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program three months ago.