Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday (Non-) Random Ten

I just discovered the U.C. Santa Barbara Cylinder (recordings) Preservation and Digitization Project.

Daniel W. Quinn, More Work For The Undertaker, 1902
Edward Meeker, I'm A Yiddish Cowboy, 1908
Sophie Tucker, That Loving Rag, 1910
Sousa's Band, Stars And Stripes Forever, 1913
Billy Murray, The Little Ford Rambled Right Along, 1915
Sisty And Seitz's Banjo Orchestra, Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner Medley, 1915
Creatore And His Band, American Aviation March, 1918
New York Military Band, Miss Trombone, 1919
Crescent Trio, Pickaninny Blues, 1920
Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra, Make That Trombone Laugh, 1920


W. H. Taft, Rights And Progress Of The Negro, 1908